Saturday, March 18, 2017

Meet Millie

I would love for everyone to meet Millie. She's a 2015 Nissan with 41,000 miles on her. She's absolutely perfect for us and I'm so proud of Ally and I. Next step is our apartment. (:

Friday, March 17, 2017


I'm so irritated it isn't even funny. I've made a snarky comment or two but overall I've stayed out of the other women's business because I honestly don't care. What I do care about is how selfish people are.

Due to their need to prove they're the one he's fucking and starting shit left and right, it has distracted Jr. He has chosen to stay out of it but when it keeps being brought to his attention he has no choice but to listen.

Constantly blowing up his phone instead of leaving him alone to focus has now caused him to possibly lost the one thing he really wanted.

I'm so angry for him it's not even funny. He's been busting his ass because this is what HE wants to do but because of others insecurity they once again have to find a way to ruin it.

The funniest part is that they don't seem to understand Jr's biggest rule. What we do is our business, nobody else. Yet it's a public dick swinging constant. It might as well be a threesome at this rate since you both want to be on his dick instead of letting him focus.

You both should just do yourself a favor and focus on yourselves and leave him alone. This is getting beyond exhausting and I don't blame him one bit for going OTR. I'd want to as well if I had to deal with as much bullshit.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hard Work Pays Off

Here lately I have been observing more than posting. My body constantly feels exhausted and I feel like I've been dragged through the mud. Since Jr made his departure for school I haven't contacted him. I believe when he's ready to be apart of Ally's life he'll step up and ask about her. For now it's in her best interest not to be apart of the mess that is the other women.

The funniest part to me is that these women both continue to cat fight over him. He's a work in progress. He's a manipulator. He's playing you both and you both are feeding into it. He's protecting himself and only himself.

As for me? I'm only worried about Ally and myself. Getting us where we need to be and getting our lives on track. I had allowed myself to be vulnerable and it showed me you truly only have your own back.

 It may not always seem like it but I always have a plan B. As a mother my child is my first priority as she should be. We have our apartment and this Saturday we'll have our vehicle.

I'm being tested as a GM this week and I think he is scoping out my readiness and what I need to work on to become ready for GM.

Right now I'm enjoying being me and getting my goals accomplished. Life is pretty great. We have a few stressful months ahead of us but it'll be worth it for Ally to have her own room and us to not have to ask for rides anymore.

Friday, March 10, 2017

On The Mend

We got the apartment! We have a tough month full of stretching pennies but we got the apartment and next weekend we'll have a car. Things look like they might just be okay.

I've reconnected with an old friend. I've known him for around eight years or so and I'm so thankful we reconnected. He is an absolute sweetheart and right now one of the best things in my life.

Overall life is getting better and I'm coming back stronger from those who tried to kicked me down. Just a small update since I've been lacking in my posts lately.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It absolutely blows my mind the sheer stupidity of some people. My ex husband has wanted to be a truck driver for a long time. He's wanted to do OTR for the solidarity and for the fact that he is solely respsonsible for himself and the product he is hauling.

He also likes the pay involved as well. It's good pay and worth the risk. I know first hand the danger involved as my dad was a truck driver for a long time. He had a severe accident, was held at fault even though it wasn't it and now has severe back problems due to it.

Jr choosing this career and my support isn't selfish. He realizes he has FOUR kids. Four children he needs to support. I feel like someone chooses to believe he only has one. You can play jealous all you want but until the kids are 18 you are stuck with us.

I also feel like it should come to realization that once he's OTR he doesn't plan to have a ball and chain. I think part of his decision is everyone is moving forward and on with their lives.

One is running to Colorado and the other to Ohio. If there is true love there you wouldn't judge his decision to better himself and move forward to be a better parent to the kids.

We've all made mistakes but at the end of the day our lives are intertwined and the sooner some would come to that realization the less bitterness there would be.

If I'm selfish for supporting the decision he made that you refused to support then I am as selfish as it gets because its about time he figured out what has made him happy and stick to it.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


It's been awhile since I've posted and I guess I've just been trying to process my next move. I don't feel heartbroken so this leads me to believe I was just looking for the secuirty it would provide Allisun. But now that chapter has closed its on to the next.

I have just three short weeks to get a lot accomplished. I found a two bedroom apartment for Ally and I. Now we're just waiting for approval that we got it.

Work was able to retract my notice so I'm not leaving. This is a huge relief because I honestly love my job regardless how much gray hair it gives me from time to time.

Fingers crossed, next weekend I'll be buying a car. This will be from a dealership so I'm not investing money in something that won't run long term.

I'm really thankful for the support of friends because without them I would be really stressed. My friend Shaun came over to hang out tonight and it was beyond perfection. Definitely relaxing and definitely needed.

Currently my days are spent are work and binging on Vampire Diaries. Nothing special.