Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Exciting News

My sister found out Today she's having twins! She is so shocked but oh so happy!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Look Who's Stitching Again!

A friend of mine LOVES sloths. There is a meme about this particular piece. You can google it if you like. She asked if I would do a custom piece for her to hang in her home. I told her it would take a bit as I have to work around my schedule but she's patient.

This fabric is actually way more vibrant in person but so far it's coming along. I am doing a few stitches here and there where time allows.

A Special Dinner & Morning Sweetness

Mother's Day was fantastic. I had a girl's day with Ally while Shaun was at work. We built a new lego set and watched Spirited Away, the animated series on Netflix. I love our girl time!

Shaun came home from work last night and I just expected us to make some ramen, watch a little tv, and head to bed. He told me he was gonna make dinner for me. Chicken Parmesean. It was beyond delivious. I will always take his cooking at home over fast food any day. It was definitely a special night cap to a great Mother's Day.

This morning I went to wake up Ally for school and I saw the cutest sight. She was holding her new kitty tight. It was so cute!


Trust is described as firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. I have thought long and hard all night about how to go about this post. I am not ruthless about many things but I am my daughter's warrior. For those of you that have followed my journey with my ex you completely understand why I am so protective over her. Why I am willing to go to whatever length necessary to protect her. I keep the circle of people that are allowed to watch my daughter small. I expect when I allow my daughter with someone whether it be family or friend's that they understand why I don't want my ex around. He hasn't bothered to see his daughter since July of 2017. The only effort he has made was when he picked up Brittany and they decided making home in a hotel was the life to live. Then when he caused a scene at my place of employment because he thought letting her spend the night on Sunday and coming home at 3 am on school day was the thing to do. In fact, he was in town yesterday and I didn't receive one text or call regarding him seeing his daughter. Shows how much he cares. This is why I don't associate with him or let him around Ally. She has already been through so much because of him and I won't allow any further damage. Especially when he's forcing his son on his other two daughters.

I have rocky relationships that have taken time to repair because of things said on my part and their part. I will always put Ally's safety as priority number one. I found out some devastating news yesterday that has made me doubt a lot. I have tried to convince myself that the relationship with Ally is of true value. But when you find out that people who can't be trusted have been allowed around someone else's child, who's to say it hasn't happened with your own child?

I consider myself a forgiving person. I would think that the trauma that all of the children have gone through would be enough proof to not allow them into your life. I am hurt to say the least. If you can't trust your own family and friends around your child then who can you trust? It certainly isn't any daycare. I feel like I've been shaken to my core. I shook off my mom when she said at the end of the day they'll always protect their child regardless of their actions. They'll always give in to their children.

I understand that this though because I would go to the end of the earth for Ally. I would do whatever it took to ensure she is always happy but when she's on the wrong path it will be my job as her parent to correct her behavior. It will be my duty to keep her on the right path and let her know when she's in the wrong.

Being a parent hasn't been easy. I've had many breakdowns to my mom as to whether or not I've been doing the right thing. I've needed countless guidance because there is no manual on how to raise the perfect child. All children are flawed in one way or another. Those tragic moment's help shape though. Those happy moments help shape them. It's our jobs to mold them in the best version of themselves.

I don't claim to be perfect because I'm not but I would never intentionally bring people around my daughter that have only hurt her and dulled her sunshine. My Ally is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet and I'll do whatever it takes to keep her that way as long as possible. She's been forced to grow up a little too soon due to the grown up situations her father has put her through.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Very Special Present

When I was married, my ex husband never did anything to celebrate holiday's. I never received a gift for Mother's day and that was okay. I understood that was our dynamic. I won't say it didn't hurt but I also grew up with parent's who valued the holiday's and even in their daily lives showed each other their appreciation for one another. Even when money was tight my dad would at least get my mother flowers for Mother's Day.

The only gift I've ever received is a homemade gift from Ally last year which meant the world to me. This year definitely tops that. Ally has been plotting with Shaun all day to make tomorrow special. Since we were both off today, we decided to celebrate today. That was until I came home from work in so much pain all I could do was lay in bed and try to not to cry. My hip pain is definitely giving me a run for my money. So I've spent today in bed resting.

Ally came home from my grandmother's and ran into the bedroom yelling at me to wake up. She was beyond excited. I opened up everything to find perfume from Victoria's Secret, Harry Potter Themed Socks,a Golden Snitch necklace, and nail polish that is in bottles shaped like skulls. All topped off with a beautiful card Ally made me.

I had to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. It meant so much to me that Shaun and Ally put so much thought into a gift for me. Especially considering my mismatched socks drives Shaun crazy. Definitely won't forget this Mother's Day. 

Brightest Blessings Lovelies!

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Very Special Visit

Last Saturday Ally was able to go on a very special road trip. My dad's parent's moved the week Ally was due. We hoped that she would make her appearance before they left but my Ally is stubborn. My grandparent's haven't been able to meet her so when the opportunity presented itself, I gladly let Ally go. Unfortunately I didn't have the vacation time to cover it so I wasn't able to attend. Ally had so much fun and my grandparent's thoroughly enjoyed her visit. It is amazing how much my sweet girl is changing. She'll be graduating Kindergarten in two weeks! Can you believe that? we have so much fun planned this summer that I can't wait for. Here are some pictures from the trip. They are absolutely hilarious between Ally's faces and my grandparents trying to take selfies.

Movies In Review

So much has happened recently and it's all good things! A few weeks we were able to splurge a little bit and take some time for ourselves. We went to Dallas for the day to Pokemon hunt and have a date night. We ended up going to Studio Movie Grill and watching Rampage. Groupon was running a really good deal so we took advantage. This movie was excellent! It kept me on toes throughout and definitely was full of action. A must see for anyone.

Again, we got a really good deal on tickets. Our drive in does five dollar double features on Tuesday's so we treated ourselves. We have found that weekly date nights are nice to have and helps give us just a little bit of us time. Especially since this summer is going to be action packed with Ally. There are not enough great things I can say about this movie. The story line was beyond excellent. Shaun and I actually binged all of the previous movies three days prior so I would be caught up for Infinity War. Definitely can't wait for the next movie!

I really can't remember the last "scary" movie I saw but this was fantastic. I held onto Shaun throughout the whole movie. It's more suspense than anything but it really keeps you engaged throughout. I adore Emily Blunt and loved the storyline. You felt fear for the family throughout the movie. You were right there with them wondering what happens next. It was truly a movie that will be added to my collection.