Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Quick Catch Up

Our internet is down so I wanted to do a quick post. My daily Tarot challenges will posted as soon as we are able to get the internet back.

My ex said that things were real ugly between him and his s/o this weekend. He said that Ally wasn't around it and for that I'm thankful. He told me that they are no longer together. As I've told him, all I care about is his happiness and our daughter.

We are going to the custody hearing together and holding on the divorce until I can get my home situation figured out. No, were not getting back together. We both realize that we are stronger as friends than husband and wife.

We will be putting our differences aside and working to strengthen our friendship for our daughter. We will be co-parenting and working together.

He is committed to making Fort Worth work out and I wish him all the best. The next time Ally goes to visit his s/o won't living there so I am not sure when Ally will get to see her sister again.

Ally had a wonderful time this weekend. She was so animated to tell me all about the big girl things Izzy is doing and how excited she is. She was happy to see family and be up with them. I am so happy that she had a wonderful time and if our plan works, she will be there more often.

I am a taking a deep breath and starting over. I don't know what will happen in the future but I do know I have a plan for now..


  1. Glad little miss enjoyed her time here and Dad loved getting to see her. Yes she will be moved out by Tuesday but I am still babysitting Izzy. Glad you have a plan and hope things work out for you sweetie.

  2. I really hope things start settling down for you, you deserve a break. And good for you guys for setting aside your differences to co-parent. I know it might be hard now but I am sure in the future you will look back and be so happy you did that. :)


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