Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cleaning House

You guys, today has been stressful as shit. I have learned that I deep clean when I am stressed. I have blessing this apartment like crazy sweeping away any negativity. I am working hard on not posting out of anger and that was my last post. I am just frustrated as all get out because no one seems to want to be honest and now there is a huge backlash from that. I am not on one side or other. The only thing I will say is that here, in Fort Worth, where he is living he has worked hard to step up as a father. Yes, I miss my step-daughter but it has been made clear I am not allowed to have a relationship with her. As painful as that is, it is also understandable.

I have been a busy bee cleaning all morning. The apartment finally looks a lot better than it has on my days off. Being a single mother definitely hasn't been easy but I am treasuring every moment of being home. Finally got my schedule fixed so I should have two days off to spend with Ally, cross stitch, and blog. I will be in the process of cleaning house today on my blog. I am working on merging all my blogs together and giving this one a facelift. Look for many posts as I catch up from my few days offline.

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