Friday, August 14, 2015

Daily Tarot Draw: Catch Up

How Can I Best Face My Biggest Fears? (The Poet)
Traditional Name: King of Swords, Knight of Scrolls
Attributes: Intellectual, Logical
Role Mentor
I need to find balance in my life and quit getting swept up in everyone's drama.

What Part of Myself Do I Hide From Others? (Golden Flower)
Traditional Title: Temperance
Attributes: Harmony, Meditation
I am discovering awareness and paying attention to myself.

How Can I Work To Become More Healthy? (Four of Mirrors)
Keyword: Detachment
I need to let go of the emotional baggage and then some of the psychical will follow.

How Can I Keep My Anger From Hurting Others? (The Companion)
Traditional Name: King of Wands, King of Spirals
Attributes: Visionary, Organizer
Role: Mentor
I need to keep to myself because even though all I've done is try to be helpful it isn't perceived as that.

Where Can I Find The Most Enjoyment In Life? (Ten of Spirals)
 Keyword: Crossroads
I can leave the past as the past and move forward. Not worry about everyone else but focus on me.

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