Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Days Off

I always dread my first day off because all the fatigue sets in and my drive to do something dissipates. So I usually waste away my first day off. I had to frog the progress I had on Peace, Love, Candy Corn and now need to see if it'll fit on 14 ct material now. So I will be restarting on that soon. Yesterday my ex called me for help because his ex baby mama hacked into his Facebook account and supposedly has all kinds of evidence against him yet it doesn't stop her from believing they are still together. What really makes me smirk is the fact that she thinks she can just delete her posts and move on. Anyone that has a shred of common sense would see that my ex leaving state is shady. Here's what I was told: he got the call for a job in the oilfield and had to leave that night. They are paying for him to stay in a hotel and he won't know until Monday if he got the job. Why would a company pay for someone to stay with them for the possibility of a job? Shady as all get out. I also caught him in a lie regarding his ex-girlfriend. He told me that she hard-shipped transferred from Bowie to live with him. Nope, she was already working in Fort Worth and he moved in with her. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies. This is exactly why I am bowing out and watching my every move. I am saying very little to anyone and keeping the peace so to speak. I am tired of all the drama, games, and straight up bullcrap. Everyone that is involved is knee deep in my ex-husband's lies. He is still funneling money out of the baby mama taking advantage of her feelings for him. The ex-girlfriend is ready for him to possibly move to Ohio with her. This is the whole reason I am getting out of the crap. I have also made up my mind not to mention my ex or her sister to Ally and let her heal. I am going to take things day by day and heal. I am hoping for more energy tomorrow so I can start some stitchy goodness.


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