Friday, August 21, 2015

Embrace Change

I don't have my baby for the weekend but she is getting much needed time with her Daddy. I don't know if she'll stay the whole weekend because we've agreed that if any drama is started my husband is to head home asap so our daughter isn't around it. I feel as if this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and happiness is there. I can't say much about the future but I can say after the long conversations recently there is hope towards a future. I will diving into my Tarot Cards and drawing what feels right to me instead of following challenges. While these challenges promote growth, I feel better when I let intuition take over. I am diving back into my self-care routine and really putting a focus on me. My husband and I have agreed that we both need to stop letting the drama in Bowie affect our friendship so my best move is let her unblock me, create fake profiles to stalk my friend and I, and talk shit all she wants on her blog. I need to brush that off and move on. I can't stop someone who is determined to be in my business but I can stop letting it hurt me. This is going to be good for Ally and I both. I finally feel at peace with everything and able to relax enough to stitch, take care of me, and finally feel at peace with myself and the future. Stalk all you want, I'm done censoring myself for anyone. I am ME and that's all I ever wanted out of life.


  1. Yay for you!! And that is true, you can only control yourself. Your future looks plenty bright in my eyes :)


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