Sunday, August 16, 2015

Look How Far You've Come

Now (Eight of Stones)
Keyword: Ingenuity
I am transitioning into a new way of being. I am finding myself and who I am. It is a long road but well worth it.

Step To Take (Seven of Spirals)
Keyword: Assertion
I need to stay firm but to not let myself be driven by emotions.

What I know Going Forward (Six of Spirals)
Keyword: Success
I am shedding my old skin. There is no need to feel worthless or be dragged into the drama. I am strong and capable of staying that way.

What I Will Have To Release (Five of Spirals)
Keyword: Shadow
I need to release myself from this situation and keep focusing on bettering myself for my daughter.

What I Will Learn (Nine of Mirrors)
Keyword: Joy
I will learn the beauty of all the joy I have missed through the last few years. I will learn that there is more to this life that fretting and being on edge constantly.

Where I'll Find Myself (Three of Spirals)
Keyword: Contemplation
I will find myself in a state of peace inside and outside. It will be a daily struggle and will take time to accomplish but with persistence I will achieve this goal.

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