Friday, August 14, 2015

Project Self-Love

I am still continuing Week One with Courage. I have just been trying to get my head together the last few days but no worries! We still have today and tomorrow for focusing on Courage!

Complete the following sentences: “Everyday, I am afraid of …” and “Everyday, I show courage by …” 

Everyday, I am afraid of.... holding my feelings together. I am co-parenting with my ex and things have been going extremely well. He and I are trusting each other more, we are in communication daily, and there are no secrets. As of right now I know everything and that has given peace of mind.

Everyday, I show courage by.... holding my heart strong and understand that for now things are all done and squared away but there is always that the mind games will restart so I bury my feelings deep down.

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  1. That is a great quote.. you always find the best quotes :) So happy to hear co-parenting is going well for you guys!!


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