Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spread A Day

What is my subconscious telling me? (The Companion)
Traditional Name: King of Wands, King of Spirals
Attributes: Visionary, Organizer
Role: Mentor
People are always going to do what they feel is right. Sometimes my good intentions don't quite come off as that. I need to step back and find balance within myself.

Where am I in denial? (Eight of Mirrors)
Keyword: Selfless
I need to realize that some of actions have been selfish and petty. Time to step back and find awareness. Clarity.

What do I need to learn about my inner self? (The Sojourner)
Traditional Name: King of Cups, King of Mirrors
Attributes: Empathetic, Wise
Role: Mentor
I need to step into my inner-self because compassion, understanding, and kindness all lurk within the shadows. It's time once and for all I stop trying to understand everyone and focus strictly on my daughter and I.

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