Friday, August 21, 2015

This New Chapter

The last few months to a year have been hell. Hubs and I hit the roughest patch and it just sank downhill. I have been working hard to find peace within myself for my daughter. The biggest problem still remains but I understand now that she will stop at nothing to tear everything apart. Even after she was told many times the relationship was over she still pushed her way through. Even knowing that she doesn't need to break a little girls heart she still remains relentless in her path of destruction.

We did get the child support agreement and custody agreement in place but a new opportunity has presented itself and I don't quite know yet where this path will lead but it may be a chance for hubs and I. I've reconnected with an old friend and while this is just the beginning I feel hopeful in the future. For once hubs, my lovely, and I are all very happy so do what you must to tear us apart but know we are stronger than ever.

For my rant session, why are you going to try to grow close to a child that you have no right in building a relationship with? It isn't like I've been allowed to see or send anything to my step-daughter and giving my daughter false promises of love isn't fair to her. It is one thing to start shit between the adults but to bring a child into it? That is just selfish.


  1. That really is not fair to your daughter :( And I hope things work out for you guys! I know the last while has been very difficult for you and I hope this new opportunity brings you much deserved happiness :)


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