Friday, September 18, 2015

Altar, Halloween Haul, & Witchy Share

I don't remember if I posted these or not. Awhile back my sister and I went to a linen store that was closing and when we were fixing to leave, we saw these on a shelf hidden. I love incense, I burn it daily whether for meditation or just a calming mood hits.

There are 14 here, they retail for about $1.99 each. So if I paid retail it would've been around $28 dollars. For all 14 I paid five dollars. It was a huge steal with some beautiful scents.

This is my working Altar. I have been obsessed with some of the altars I have seen and felt my small start wasn't near enough but I was watching Youtube today and something was said that hit for me. Everyone starts somewhere and those altars didn't happen overnight so this is my small start.

I have the material laid out that I use for my readings on the left there is my deck, one of my coffee cups with incense, a bowl for Halloween that I paid .89 for at Goodwill. The purple oil burner was part of a set for $5.50, the owl was a Goodwill find for $1.99, and the skull coffee cup on the right was also .89.

I am excited to spend a little more money on some Halloween decorations because this is my season and I love, love, love it!


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