Friday, September 18, 2015


I have been working on decluttering the apartment which has been a task in it's own. I realized this morning though what good does it do to cleanse your home if you aren't willing to cleanse the rest of your life?

So I've decided to do a blog cleanse. To release myself of all the negativity energy I've caused or added to lately. My marriage is indeed over. I am already speaking with a lawyer and will be filing in the next few weeks. I have ceased contact with my ex and decided that if he isn't going to waste his breath to check up on us then we don't need to waste ours on him.

This is a very freeing moment and I am going to fully embrace my witchy side. I have been hesitant for fear of judgement but you know what? I'm a witch and I follow my own standards with guidance from others. I don't have a certain God or Goddess yet but in time it will be revealed to me. My mother in-law helped me to discover myself and while I am a solitary witch now, I still have many other witches to gather guidance from.

With Mabon upon us, I am really reflecting on my life and how the past year has affected me. The trials, happiness, and memories that will be with me for a lifetime. I need to walk the walk instead of talking the talk. I am ready for this next chapter, no more backwards steps into the past. With that, I cleanse myself of negativity and embrace the positive journey ahead.

~Blessed Day~


  1. Great step forward! Life will be much easier without the negativity :)


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