Friday, September 18, 2015

Cloud Nine!!!!!!

 First off, I am OBSESSED with this song! I love the funky feel of this and Ally and I jam out to this daily. She has gotten to where she'll sing the few lyrics she understands and it is adorable!

My daughter, my family, managers at work, and the wonderful blogging community have always supported me on my weight loss journey. They have been there to push me when I didn't think I had the strength to be pushed. To remind me why I have been trying to lose weight. My daughter is my daily inspiration and I always want to achieve for her. 

Also, my favorite season is upon us and I remember the disgust I felt at not being able to fit into a Halloween costume that appealed to me. I have only a couple of months to go before I am on my one year weight loss anniversary.

Today makes a huge milestone and I want to start with I haven't been on any special diet. I drink a Slimfast shake in the morning since I struggle with breakfast but that's about the only diet thing I have. I just eat in serious moderation. I even eat Ice Cream. My favorite flavor is back in stock so I have a small pint that I am working on. I realize how sweet it is and my low tolerance for sweet things now but this ice cream is worth the tiny spoonful here and there. It's the Pumpkin Cheescake from Ben & Jerry's. I am grabbing my water bottle and attempting again to quit the sodas. That's my biggest struggle and I'll take that.

Exercise wise I am doing a 30 day shred from Jillian Michaels that I only paid $2 for at Goodwill, Just Dance on the WII, and the gym when gas money allows.

Height: 5'1
Starting Weight: 223.6
Last Week's Weigh In: 191.4
This Week: 189.2
Change: -2.2
Total Weight Destroyed: 34.4
Pounds To Forget: 39.2

Another milestone hit in more than one way. First off, I am FINALLY out of the 190s. I am six ounces away from losing 35 pounds. I am under 40 pounds more to lose. This is a huge moment because I have so much support backing me and I am only competing with myself right now. I am bettering me because I want to be fit so I can do more with Ally.


  1. I am so happy for you congrats now you know I want a pick of this costume and you IN it :-) You got this girl!!!!!!!


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