Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Exactly What I'm Getting Away From

Here's the story from the horse's mouth. My ex wants to let his lover come and pick up my daughter and take her an hour away from her for the weekend. I've already offered his parents the opportunity when their finances allow to come visit Ally. Our custody agreement covers my ex, not his family so if some pettiness were to stir or if his lover decided to help get Ally to Arkansas where he is residing then I wouldn't be able to get Ally back without involving the law. This isn't being paranoid or petty, this is being a mother. This is doing what is best for my daughter. For those that don't believe that my ex is emotionally abusive allow me to show you proof because I am being tired of being called dramatic or a liar just because it hasn't happened to you. I will say the fact that I am not having a panic attack or near tears shows me that I am healing and moving on from the situation. I cropped out his phone number because that doesn't need to be public. I'm the orange text.

So to clarify, I didn't say that his family couldn't see my daughter. I just said that I wasn't releasing her into the arms of his lover for a weekend. I am doing what is in the best interest for my daughter and her safety. Nothing more, nothing less. It isn't that I don't want her to visit family but she needs consistency and a solid foundation.

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  1. I am sorry you have to go through things like this. Have you ever showed messages like this to your lawyer? Because I think you should. What if he talked about you to your daughter like this? I know I wouldn't let somebody that I don't have any family relation to or isn't a good friend take my kids an hour away from me. I am sure his parents would love to see Ally and it sounds like you guys have a plan for them to do that soon so I would have made the same decision you did.


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