Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Goals

October is upon us my loves! I am so thrilled because this is really where Fall begins for me. Pumpkin everything is in season and I am doing my best to resist temptation and not eat all things pumpkin. I had a stumble today with my ex's s/o but I took a deep breath and I am letting things be what they are. Inner Peace is all about forgiving yourself and not letting anyone drag down your happiness. So I am turning what could be negative into a positive.

If my ex chooses to use his visitation, then that will be three weekends a month for me to catch up on sleep and work. I don't know what transitioning into Team Lead is going to do to my schedule but I do know that it is going to be hectic because more than like I am taking over Early Bird (11p-8a). This will be 50-75 hours a week.

It's a sacrifice for my sweet girl but we have a plan! I will be getting a car within a few checks and I've decided to use the money from our Income Tax refund to Rent To Own a small house for Ally and I. Since it will be just us for awhile, it makes the most sense to give her a forever home rather than an apartment.

This will be the first year that Ally truly understands Halloween. We are thinking about going with a Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland Theme. Her as Alice and me as The Red Queen. We are both still undecided but working on what we want to be. With my ex coming back, we are going to try to get the girls together for Halloween so I don't lose her that weekend plus the small town that he lives in is very Christian based and doesn't do hardly anything for Halloween. It's quite disappointing actually so we usually drove over to my town for Halloween.

I have lost focus with my weight loss this past week. I haven't bothered to weigh-in yet but I'm sure it's been a gain. No worries though, i am refocusing and joining in with Aquatober. I am drinking my last Coke Zero and to make this fun, I am going to track my ounces and see how many ounces I can drink in a month. I will starting up my Slim Fast shakes again and getting back to gym now that work seems like it's going to be a lot better.

I have absolutely adored my book reviewing. It's a renewed passion and I am glad to spend my day off catching up with some of my favorite books. Even though Amazon can be a pain, I am glad to help out the review company.

This is exactly what I needed to read today. I almost stumbled back into that dark place knowing my ex was coming back to his ex, gf, s/o. Whatever she is at this point now. I know better than to let that drag me down. I have become so strong, healthy, happy, and on the right track. Ally and I are awesome and don't need to allow ourselves to be swept back into the negative energy we worked towards escaping.

I am extremely grateful for my job and allowing me the opportunity to work towards management at such a young age. I will be making really good money now. I am saving up for Ally's future. She will be in school next fall and I can't wrap my head around that.

Life is forever changing, sometimes we just have to hold on and enjoy the ride.


  1. We would be more than happy to see more of Ally. I am so happy for you going after the Team Lead position, getting a card and getting a small house for you and Ally instead of an apartment she would love that. I so want pictures of her as Alice and you as the Red Queen :-) that would be perfect. I'll join in the Aquatober challenge :-) I need to catch up on your reviews girl. I a so proud of you !!!!

  2. Sounds like fun costumes for you girls! Please share a picture on here of you both in them :) Good luck with Aquatober. I rarely drink anything other than water so I guess I will do it too. Now if I had to give up something like chocolate I would be in trouble lol


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