Sunday, September 20, 2015


The more weight I lose, the more self-confidence I have gained. I have realized that cutting off some relationships was the best option for me. Ally and I will be doing a mother/daughter theme for Halloween and I cannot wait to go celebrate with her. I have found an addiction in shopping at Goodwill. Which I will show you later on in this post. I love how beautiful I feel in my own skin especially when my sister pushes me to try something new. It is such a beautiful feeling when you aren't being held back anymore. When you are free to be your own person. There will always be bad days but I can do my best to remain positive and feel happy no matter what life throws my way. This is me in all my glory. I don't need to worry about who cares or who wants to be. I am feeling so carefree and it is nice to feel this way. Life has been a blast lately with Ally and I cannot wait for next month. I will taking the weekend off for my birthday and treating myself to some new ink. I have just barely tiptoed my way into the 180s and I am hoping to be in the 170s by Halloween. I am wearing a size L and love my body. I am not where I want to be but I am damn determined to get there one day at a time. My thoughts have become more positive and I am finding the future exciting.

All three of these dresses are a size L. They are beautiful and I love the fit of each of them.

Can you see the 13!!!! Size 13! Not only a L but a 13!!!!

This is the black dress with the flower on it.

This is the brown dress. I went to a sports bar called Flips in Keller last night. It was a total blast! I felt so damn cute and I loved how confident I felt attempting to play pool.

Each week at Goodwill there is a glass case where they put rare or expensive items up for bid that have came through in donations. Last week my sister and I went up there and saw this Coach purse, shoes, and a belt up for bid. We placed a $30 bid and forgot about it. The live auction was yesterday and we won!

These are the shoes. They were in my size and hardly worn if at all. It was so awesome to win items that retail for $200-$400 dollars and were real, not a knockoff. This is definitely something I will treasure for a long time!


  1. Those were some great finds. I am so happy for you sweetie. I want to see pics of the halloween customs for you and Ally.

  2. Great buys!!! I love the purse and those dresses are very pretty :) It is great to hear that you feel so comfortable in your own skin <3

  3. I love your hair and am so proud for you.


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