Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Short Message

I love Beach Angel Tarot because she does Short Messages from the Spirit.

The concept is easy, pick the turtle that your most drawn to. I chose the Blue turtle.

The Blue Turtle is about forgiveness. It says, "Holding onto resentment and anger is preventing or even suffocating your spiritual growth. Resentment is one of the strongest and most damaging human emotions! The act of forgiveness in its own right is equally incredibly powerful and it has the capacity to heal and transform."

How This Pertains To Me:  I am finally in a place of happiness for myself. I realize that K just believed what J told her and went with that. When you love someone, the truth is the hardest thing to hear. I have moved on and found true happiness within myself which was the real key to happiness all along, I just need to open my eyes and accept it.

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  1. That is true, when you love someone you always want to believe the best about them. And I think you picked the perfect turtle for yourself :)


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