Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sick Baby

Last night was supposed to be a 15 hour night and another really good paycheck. Didn't happen.

Ally was at work with my sister and brother to have dinner. I went on break so I could enjoy dinner with my family. I hadn't even sat down for five minutes before she started throwing up. She threw up some more in the restroom and Miguel told me to try to come back at 11. Ally has been sick on and off through the night.

I'm nervous because the Flu has been going around work and while I don't have symptoms I worry that she may end up with it. We are giving her today to see if she starts feeling better before we try to get to the doctor.

The last time she had the flu the doctors wouldn't believe me that she was sick. By the time the ER diagnosed her she had the flu for almost three months. Three months of constant doctors visits because no one believe my baby was sick. She developed breathing problems, was really sick, she wasn't herself. We all hated it and then she couldn't stomach the flu meds because they just made her throw them back up. So here's to a day watching cartoons and hoping my baby gets to feeling better soon. I hate to lose the hours but Ally feeling better is worth more than a good check.


  1. Hope my grandbaby gets to feeling better

  2. Oh no! :( I hope she is feeling better today!!


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