Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Wonderful Day & A Quick Gripe Session

Tonight I remembered why I've missed my family so much. I started my day running on four of hours of sleep but instead of getting more rest I chose to treat my brother and mom to lunch. My dad was away at his class to be certified to drive his motorcycle. My mom's car died on the freeway. She went into a puddle and it flooded her engine while she was in the left hand lane. Thankfully she wasn't hurt but this killed her car. $11,000 to repair it. They chose to get the bike instead of another car because it was way cheaper. Dad has a two day, eighteen hour course.

My family has always been big on us being a family. Meals, holidays, spending time together, etc. My in-laws are the opposite. Everyone is grown so everyone does their own thing. I won't lie, this made holidays extremely depressing because it was like dinner was done and everyone split. My family always makes a shindig out of family dinners and holidays. It is a family experience to help put up the tree or stay up all night to get Thanksgiving Dinner prepped. I am excited that I will be able to have that with my family this year not only for myself but for Ally. I've noticed that having a family meal is more structured for her than everyone scattered throughout the house.

After I took my grandmother to work I grabbed my brother and sister and we headed out to two different Goodwill stores. I will be posting our haul later on tomorrow or Monday. We got some really good stuff. Afterwards we headed back to my parents for dinner. I cannot tell you enough how blessed I was to sit at the table with Ally and my family and have a home cooked meal with great company. It is a comfort I miss and am glad to have back.

I am not a wine or beer drinker. I am some hard liquor and wine coolers because I don't like the bitter aftertaste that there is to most wines and beers. This here is very sweet and has no aftertaste. I was able to try this and one other wine tonight. I went ahead and bought my own bottle at Walmart and got me a cute Halloween themed wine glass. Which will be another post on my Halloween haul so far.

Even though it was a beautiful night I did come home to see this posted on another blog. "Me and everyone else can't wait for this damn divorce to finalize so we can be done and over with this bullshit." 

This really upsets me because A) you don't know what is being said between us.
 B) A MARRIAGE isn't something you just get over.
C) I post the TRUTH. Just because it isn't the truth you want doesn't give you the right to slander or make me seem like I'm a certain way.

I've been a single mother for five months now. I left because you obviously weren't going to get the point and I wasn't going to continue to allow another woman who had no business push her way into my daughter's life. As far as I'm concerned come the third of October, he can sit in jail. What financial help I was going to send next week, you just blew out of the water so hopefully your able to send him all he needs including funds to come crawling back to the same place he always ends up in until he has another million dollar idea.

I have been beyond stressed with my daughter being in the ER, working 52 hour weeks, and trying to find some time to breath for myself. It is very trying but at least I know where my focus is and that's where it has and always will remain. So before you start getting upset, consider the source that always lies.


  1. Everybodys families is different and does things differently and its great that you all got some quality time together.

    1. I know and I wasn't insulting the way you run your household, just saying for our family I want Ally to understand how important holidays are and their true meaning is all.

    2. And that is absolutely wonderful and glad she has that.

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome day! Too bad the day had to end like that but don't let her ruin your day... or try not to.

  3. I so loved the holidays as well when I was younger. All of my mother's family, which was immense, would set long tables in the front of the house for dinners, no matter what the weather was like. Have courage and be unyielding. So much negativity I know, but don't give in under the guise of trying to help. There always those who don't appreciate your good heart.


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