Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Checking In

I am very excited because I will be scheduling an appointment this weekend to get my tattoo drawn up. I have an idea of what I want but not totally connected. I've been holding onto the tattoo my ex did. (Yeah, I know. How stupid.) I haven't been wanting to get it covered up because that was a special moment between him and I but the more I spend time reflecting the more I realize that by not moving on with that, I am holding onto a piece of him on my skin. So I am thinking since this month proves to be my month of rebirth, I need to get it covered up with something special.

Owls and Crows are definitely my totem animals. I am basically giving him an idea of what I want and letting his creativity flow. I am excited because other than the small heart behind my ear, this will be my first fully colored tattoo. This is kind of a small idea of what I want although not decided. I think instead of a skull for his stomach, I want a delicate peace sign.

I cannot stop gushing over this color. I am super stoked because my wonderful mom is treating me to getting my hair completely redone. And I think I am hooked on this color. I want to add some blonde peekaboo highlights though like in the picture.

This is a better picture of what I am wanting. It's a burgundy color that will look more purple in the light but it's natural enough that I won't be in trouble at work for it.

Ever since I can remember, my MIL and I always seem to sync up on our journeys. We always find renewed passion for hobbies close to each other or back burner hobbies. We both are on the same brain wave even if the though is a few hours apart. I say this because we are both taking a Tarot challenge and it's funny how our messages are fairly similar and she is going to be doing a self-cleansing ritual. I had planned to do the same thing on my birthday as a way to reset my mind entering year 23. Even though we're miles apart, she is still one of my bestfriends and I will always be grateful for giving me so many chances.

Aquatober still goes. I had a tiny sip of soda last night, like I took a sip and was wondering what the hell I did. It made me feel sick. I think my body is definitely liking more juice and water. I haven't had as much water as I'd like considering we're going into day six and I'm only at 85 oz but that's okay! I can still catch up before the end of the month. I did buy a new bottle that hold 63 oz so I am excited to start drinking from that. How is your Aquatober going?

This is just a small check-in post seeing as I am not sure how often I will be able to check in.

Bright Blessing To All! :)


  1. I think the peace sign would be beautiful with the owl. And my aquatober is still where it was at, lol. You go girl am proud of you. I love the hair color idea cant wait to see a picture of how it turns out. And yes it always does seem that we go the same way. I think a self cleansing ritual would be a wonderful idea for you. :-)

  2. I love the tattoo idea with the peace sign. And that hair color is gorgeous!! I haven't dyed my hair in years but if I ever wanted to again this color would be one of my top choices! And so far I had one can of iced tea but other than that I have only had water. I sometimes forget lol. And I think it is wonderful that you and your MIL still get along so well.


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