Thursday, October 8, 2015

Daily Draw Day 8

Get out a deck that you rarely use. Ask if it has any message to share with you.

Card Name: Death
Meaning To Me: This is the second time during this challenge that Death has appeared. In my Revelations Tarot the meaning says something painful is about to come to an end. The situation has finally reached it's life span. To me, this refers to the circus my ex is involved in. He came home to his daughter and s/o just to split with her and get with the woman who followed him back to TX. Needless to say everyone that is involved or been dragged into this situation has been drained. I am doing helping out, giving advice, or anything to do with it. I am maintaining my silence and focusing on me and Ally.

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  1. This must be an important message seeing as you have drawn this card twice in such a short time. Right? I really don't know that much about Tarot cards but it seems important to me :)


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