Thursday, October 15, 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snow Pony?

This is coming out so cute! Originally it had a blue snowflake as his cutie mark but since Olaf is singing about Summer I chose to do a sun. I kept to the snowflake pattern because all three of them have that in common. I also have to say I commend you ladies and gents that stitch HAEDs because his tail was between two pages and I was ready to kill someone for making me figure what stitch went where, LOL

I have to work the next few days but home to get more done on him Friday and Saturday.


  1. He's looking great! HAEDs are very challenging. There are days I can sit and stitch a 1000 stitches (like yesterday) and then there are days I just can't do any.

  2. He is coming along very nicely.

  3. LOL!! HAED's aren't too bad because they have 2 of the same lines on each page so it makes it easier to match up the pages. But the one I am working on now, a Frosted Pumpkin pattern, doesn't have that and I had to rip out one part 4 or 5 times before I finally figured out how the pattern matched up. I also was in a murderous mood. :)

    I love his tail!! He is super cute!

    1. Thanks and I was ready to murder trying to figure out his tail.


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