Friday, October 30, 2015

Eye Opener

So Facebook has this On This Day feature and it shows posts that you have shared or posted on this day in the past. This was today's share. So even 4 years ago I was smart enough to know what I was getting myself into. I was pregnant with Ally and I'm sure this was about some stupid fight at the time. I have fought for four long years for this only to watch it blow up time and time again. This is proof he stopped fighting for us before we even began to have a family and marriage. I guess this is what is and the future will be what it will be. I am letting go of my hurt and resentment. Moving forward. Best to the future. Just thought this was interesting how you can be smart enough to know it's time to walk away but dumb enough to believe with your heart there is still room to fight. What is going on now is something we have gone through and it's no different in this case. Same situation, different person.

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  1. I think this just shows that you are a passionate person and will fight for what you believe in and while it didn't work out that time I don't think you should beat yourself up for not knowing better. It just shows how good of a mom you were even before Ally was born that you were willing to fight so hard for her to have her mom and dad together.


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