Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Face Your Demons

For today’s story, pick the card you feel has the worst reputation (such as the Tower, Ten of Swords, etc) and tell us all about the demon within - but the gift they offer. 

Today’s story must include the follow elements: 
1. An exchange with a demon/devil 
2. The enlightening of the main character to the good of the demon/devil 
3. The character deciding if the good can outweigh or balance the bad.

Michael curled in a ball, his body weak from shifting. He had a long hunt today and knew tomorrow would be worse. He had been hunting for as long as he can remember. He knew Vanessa would be here soon wanting his latest body count.

How many villages was it today? Nine, ten? He lost count but this was his curse. He sometimes went out in the wee hours of the night to search for his family. They had long ago mourned his death assuming the worst.

"How many villages today Michael?" the shrill voice sent chills down his body. If only he could stand up to her, he could be free.

He had spent years trying to forgive himself for his late wife's death. He had blamed himself and wished for death. Instead he was forced into this monster. He knew Vanessa was waiting for an answer but he was tired. He wanted to go back to his children .To tell them he was alive and well.

Could forgiveness really be the key to returning to human form permanently? Only time would tell which side he'd end up on.

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