Thursday, October 8, 2015


It's five am. Why am I up? Oh you know because new gf went a cried a river and is now talking about on her blog. What the hell? Can we not be adults? How am I just supposed to accept that you want to be a part-time part of my daughter's life? And how is that using my daughter over anyone's head?

Wake up! He hasn't been around his daughters in a month. His youngest didn't even know who he was when he came home. You say it's just drama but there are two women with children by him that are trying to make sense of what's going on. As I told K when she first got involved in this, what makes you think your any different? 

We all have blogs, we are all going to voice our opinions. And no, it isn't drama. It's the fact that he is knee deep in his own shit and you want to be right there holding his hand all because he said he loved and missed you. I try to give everyone an equal shot but you fail to see that there are young children in the middle of this mess. They don't know or understand. You can't just say, oh today I feel like I love Ally or Izzy and then tomorrow oh no, J pissed me off so I need to run away again. I'll just love Ally and Izzy in a few months again.

NO. Being in a child's life and dipping constantly is shitty. Children grow attached faster than we do as humans. They are innocent and love with all of their heart.

Not only are the kids involved but you've turned a household upside down again. I know because I put my MIL through a lot of shit with my situation with my ex and I can only imagine how much her head is spinning because she just wants to be gma. Not in the middle of the circus. She's always just been here for the kids.

I have fully accepted and owned up to my demons. I left in May for a reason. To get away from this very thing. So don't post and accuse me of things I haven't done because yes at one point I did try to use Ally to save my marriage but I quickly realized that wouldn't work and since then I buried my heart and focused on adapting to the current situation.

I am not saying I am innocent, I am saying that I have to come to terms with my mistakes and worked to turn my life around. I have worked my ass off and I will soon be a team lead. I won't have you or him fuck that up for me. 

What you both fail to realize is that you left. disappeared. Bye. Dipped state. He left behind two mothers of his children to figure things out. We adapted and got used to doing things on our own with the help of family. Just because you think it won't happen to you doesn't give you the right to try to make anything happen. I don't care where or what you two do just understand that I will not allow you or him to hurt Allisun. She's a lot smart than she lets on and she always tells me the truth.

I've said my piece and I'm leaving it at that. Stay off my blog if you just want to create drama. This is about Ally and I's journey. It's a positive place and if your reading just to cause drama then by all means do whatever you want. I cleared the air and feel better.

Bright Blessings.


  1. I am 100% behind you Felicia. It's sad how he left both girls and us to take care of them by ourselves. We don't need him. And I've felt So bad for the family having to put up with it too. Hopefully all this mess will be finished soon and we can keep our girls happy and taken care of.

    1. Just keep your head straight and focus on you. You're doing awesome. (:

  2. Everyone has a right to feel the way they feel. And everyone deserves to be happy especially Ally and Bella. You two ladies have come a long way.


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