Thursday, October 15, 2015

For a Friend

A few people at work and other friends have found out I read Tarot cards. I have found that I greatly enjoy reading for others.

1) What is weighing heavy on your heart? (The Mime)
You feel alone in your journey.  Be mindful of your past but don't let it dictate your future. You have a lot of potential for the future, you just have to step away from the turmoil as of now.

2)What thoughts are flooding your mind? (Ace of Scrolls)
You are worried if you have made the right decision regarding your future. Stay strong and positive. Remember that your gut feeling will never steer your off course.

3) What energy of Today, should you let go of? (Ace of Spirals)
You let go of your self-doubt. You are full of potential and can achieve anything that you set your mind too. You have always been this way, don't let anything change that now.

4) What energy as of Today, should you use to help you grow as a person? (The Muse)
You should feel inspired. A fresh page has turned itself and you know that your gut will tell you what you need to know.

5) What wisdom of today should you focus on before attempting to sleep again? (Sun)
You should step outside and reconnect with nature. This is where you have always felt at home and at peace. It's time to get back to your roots.

6) What message does your subconscious want you to know? (Moon)
Your subconscious wants you to reflect on your life. The Moon and Great Mother encourage you to reconnect with your spirituality. Take time to meditate and remember your roots.

7) What message will you obtain in your dreams? (Three of Mirrors)
You will obtain hope. You want to make amends all the way around and start a fresh chapter. You can do this, just takes time and patience.

8) What is the best way for me to finally fall asleep? (Ten of Scrolls)
You have always tried to remain a positive person. The negativity that has swept you up has thrown off its balance and now is the time to let go of the negativity and focus on everything you life can and will be.

Overall this is a positive reading. The biggest note is that it is time to forgive not only yourself but others as well. Not everyone will come around but you are not to blame for that. You are a strong person who has dealt with more than your fair share of drama but now is the time to get back to your roots and feel at peace with your life and the decisions you have made.

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