Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Spread

1) What to leave behind in the past year (Four of Mirrors)
Keyword: Detachment
It's time for me to let go of my fear of not being enough. It's okay for me to move on and to stop blaming myself for what happened in my marriage. This is a new stage of life for me and it's time to embrace it. This is me, in all of my beauty.

2) A lesson you learned last year to carry with you into your next year (Two of Stones)
Keyword: Trust
I was afraid of change and I ignored my gut a lot. I have learned that if it doesn't feel right, then to trust that feeling. I need to embrace change instead of fear it.

3) The next thing you'll learn (Green Man)
Traditional Name: The Emperor
Attributes: Structure, Nurturing
I'll learn to trust my intuition more and to depend on my tarot for guidance. I'll learn that gut feeling is never far from the truth.

4) The Theme of The Year Ahead ( The Pilgrim)
Traditional Name: Page of Swords, Page of Scrolls
Attributes: Perseverance, Endurance
Role: Messenger
Take risks. Be bold. EMBRACE the change. Turn to your spirituality. The future is full of positive changes.

5) Something To Celebrate (The Sojourner)
Traditional Name: King of Cups, King of Mirrors
Attributes: Empathetic, Wise
Role: Mentor
I have for the most part overcome my struggle. I have been with Ally for six months and my life can only head up from here. This card oozes positivity and change. It is all about guidance and remaining there for people without stepping into their drama.

6) Something to Do (Sun)
Traditional Title: Sun
Attributes: Empowerment
I need to celebrate my life with my baby girl day. I need to start living every moment to the fullest from now on.

7) A Message From My Ancestors (The Acrobat)
Traditional Name: Page of Pentacles, Page of Stones
Attributes: Transition, Perspective
Role: Messenger
Good things are headed my way. I need to see thing from a new light and EMBRACE this shift in my life. I am worth more than the cards that have been dealt to me. I am going to be a strong person and I am thankful for the future.


  1. Happy birthday Hun. Looks like you have alot to look forward to in the year to come. You'll make it and when the year is done you will be proud of the woman you've become. :-)

  2. Sweetie you already started to embrace the change the day you left. You are becoming such a strong woman.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you are having the best day ever!!! And I wish you lots of love and happiness in the year to come :)


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