Friday, October 16, 2015

Harsh Truth

1) What you want to see/believe (Ten Of Stones)
Keyword: Possessive
Meaning: You want to believe that he is changing, that he is telling you the truth. You are holding on to him transitioning into a new phase hoping you are really apart of that.

2) What you don't want to see/believe (Four of Spirals)
Keyword: Solitude
Meaning: He has always depended on someone else for his happiness. He wants to believe that is capable of staying with someone but his subconscious tells him he is meant to be alone.

3) What is true (Ace of Spirals)
Keyword: Energy
You have lit a fire underneath him, renewed an old flame that he once felt strong for someone else. He is torn between this new stage and reliving the past.

4) What you want to happen (Sun)
Attribute: Empowerment
Meaning: You are wanting to reconnect with nature and find your self. You're inner being is screaming at you to get back to your roots. You want things to work and you are fighting between your head and heart. You feel torn.

5) What you don't want to happen (Moon)
Attribute: Reflection
Meaning: You don't want to lose love. You truly feel like this is where you are meant to be but the roots of your past are helping you to see that maybe not all is being revealed. You are once again torn between the shadows of new beginnings and holding onto the past.

6) What Will Happen (Ten of Scrolls)
Keyword: Exile
The cycle will repeat itself as it always has. You have to remain strong willed and hopeful but to also stop seeing things through rose colored glasses. The only person that can change him, is him. You have to focus on you and where your life is headed instead of wrapping your future around his wants and needs.

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