Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Heading Into The New Year

As I head into the New Year and a week away from my birthday I am needing to think about my life. Where I stand and what I believe in.

While I love books, my heart just isn't into my reviewing. I get a rush from it but quickly burn out. I try really hard to ignite this passion and by going back and forth, I only set myself up for disappoint. I won't be making it public on my review blog but instead quietly wrapping up reviews and limiting myself only to select authors.

I am trying to be a strong mom and make sure Ally is always first. People are coming into her life that I don't necessarily trust but I can only hope that her safety is everyone's first priority.

Things with K are still rocky but I think we are both beginning to trust each other. I wish her all the best on the next chapter of her life. I know she is an incredibly strong person and I can only apologize for the past and move on.

I am slowly working myself back into my cross stitch and loving it. I think that will be my core hobby from now on. I just have to do it in slow doses so I don't burn out on it.

I am finding myself really connected with my Tarot cards and will be posting a few spreads tonight that I am up to. Being on the verge of 23, I see all that I survived last year and what the new year will hold. I will definitely be getting at least one new tattoo, maybe two.

I am just muddled as of now because there is such a spin in my head of things happening. I am thankful for my wonderful blogging friends, I don't always visit or respond to your comments but know they are appreciated and aide my journey very much.

I guess having Insomnia leaves you a lot of time to think..


  1. My moto for the coming new year: "Look forward with a positive perspective and act accordingly. Respect and treasure your past, while living in the present to create a fulfilling future."

  2. I think I am right there with you on the reviewing and where x stitch is concerned.

  3. Yay for more cross stitch!! lol. And I think your new year looks bright and beautiful. Life is what you make it! <3


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