Thursday, October 8, 2015

It Never Stops

For Halloween I am playing ball with my ex. After that all bets are off and we are sticking strictly to the agreement. I will not have you or Brittany thinking Ally or I are property. We are not. In all of your destruction no one considered that is married, has a s/o and child, and now you.

I am DONE. No bashing, talking, or mentioning me.

My grandmother's health is looking scary so I am tuning in on that. I am going to be working long hours to help our financial situation. I will not have time for the drama. I will have to help my family. That is my focus right now, nothing else.

So listen up BRITTANY and JOEY. Neither of you are owed time with Ally. Brittany, you are not his wife. You are the woman he is sleeping with. Kristina didn't trap anyone. She is doing the best she can same as I.

If you are going to start shit then better get a lawyer because I am done with the games. I am focused on my family and Ally. No more lies or games. Back off and leave us alone. Read the custody agreement to know what time is needed with you and understand that Brittany isn't on that agreement. That agreement is for YOU to have time with YOUR daughter, not your newest fling.

Rant over.

Bright Blessings.


  1. Sending good thoughts your grandma's way sweetie. Hope things get better.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are going to your grandmother. And to you. :) xx


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