Friday, October 16, 2015

Making Amends

I have decided after much meditation and thinking that I am done playing games with everyone. I want to be on peaceful terms regardless who my ex is with. I was close to both women at one point and one of which I came to be really close to and fell in love with.

I am at a point where I am getting older and I need to make amends. I need to know that I have that peace of mind within. That I have said my piece and done everything to repair relationships with both of these women. 

Unless I hear it from the horse's mouth, I am not believing anything anymore. I am wiping the slate and starting anew. I am beginning a fresh chapter as I head into year 23. I am feeling so much better knowing that I have withdrawn myself from the drama.

I am doing what I need to do is feel at peace. I need to know that I have done everything I can to give myself that inner peace. I am not choosing sides or one or the other.

I know that not everyone will accept my decision and if you wish to withdraw yourself from my life that is fine as well. Just know I am not choosing sides. I am doing what is best for my heart and healing.

I always will want my husband and family but as I enter this next stage, I understand that isn't my path. That isn't where I am geared to go. I will always love him and be there for him but I know that I can't sit idle by and wait for him to want me again. I have to move forward. I have to discover who I am.


  1. I am sure you will feel better as a person and be able to do some healing if you are not involving yourself in all the drama :)

  2. Know that I love you and I am very proud of you. you've come so far from the person I met nearly 5 years ago. You've grown and matured but kept that sweet personality. Someone somewhere will be lucky to call you theirs someday. Keep your head up love. We've got this.

  3. I am proud of you, you have come a long way. You need to do whatever it is that brings you that inner peace.

  4. I'm really going to try and make friends with you. For the girls sake.

    1. I'm always here to listen. I really don't want things to remain the way that they've been between us.


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