Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Only Saying This Once

This is the only time I am posting or saying anything on this subject.

The biggest lesson I learned from my marriage, living with my in-laws, and my family is that the children aren't at fault. They didn't ask to be brought into this life and they certainly didn't ask for the blood bath. I also learned that my family whether its my mom or my MIL, they have your back and won't let your children be harmed.

So let me make it very clear that when Ally is there to visit, she isn't to leave my MIL's house for any reason. I will not have my daughter mixed up in whatever it is your doing.

At one point B, I was willing to put our differences aside because I really don't care who my ex is with. I just want two things. 1) The girls taken care and happy 2) J to better himself and find what is going to make him happy.

You need to understand very clearly that you will not be around my daughter. It is very much up in the air now after you threatening both the girls as the whether or not you will ever be allowed around them. What did a baby and a three year do to you? They didn't ask you to get pregnant, no one caused the event that happened afterward. No, what happened, happened and it was more than likely due to stress.

So you have nerve thinking your going to threaten my daughter, Izzy, and the mothers when I wasn't even involved in your situation. Just because you got caught in a lie isn't anyone's fault. We didn't ask for all the turmoil that started when you came back.

Just understand that J stands to lose everything and we have both been working extremely hard to co-parent. I will not tolerate the safety of my daughter  being in jeopardy and I know now that I will never trust you. Heat of the moment or not, a threat is a threat especially if your father joined in and threatened as well.

So please enjoy your relationship and stay away from my daughter and I. This is has been heavy on my heart tonight because i don't understand how YOU as a MOTHER yourself could threaten two innocent little girls who did nothing to you.

I just needed to get this off my chest. This whole thing has become absolutely ridiculous. I want no part of it between you, J, and K. As I have told K, I wanted to make amends for the girls but when you threaten my little girl, you lose all respect from me. I have worked my ass off to provide her the life she should have had when she was born. J and I have been doing really well working together to be there for Ally and I won't have you try to jeopardize that.

It hasn't been easy or painless but that's the sacrifice your supposed to make as a mother. So do me a favor and stay the hell away from Ally. Thanks sweetie.

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