Sunday, October 11, 2015

Personality Spread For A Friend

I have a friend who is a new witch life myself. She is a bit newer than I and isn't sure where to even begin on her path. I offered to do a spread for her to help her get a better understanding and maybe see if it reveals anything that needs brought to her attention. This is for you lovely, may it provide what you seek and as always the cards hold truth in one form or another. I am burning Cranberry Incense for this reading.

Bright Blessings!

Purpose: To get a full description of a individual's personality and understand how to utilize your traits in the best possible way.

1) Most Defining Characteristic- The Mime (Page of Spirals)
Traditional Name: Page of Wands, Page of Spirals
Attributes: Incisive, Magical
Role: Messenger
Meaning: You are compassionate in all that you do. Even when that passion can be mistaken for clingy, obsessive. You put your full heart into everything you do from your role as a parent, your role with you s/o, and work. Everything you do is woven with compassion and understanding.

2A) Biggest Strength- Two Of Spirals
Keyword: Choice
Meaning: You are able to look at the pros and cons before coming to a decision. You aren't rash when making decisions, they are always carefully thought out.

2B) Secondary Strength- Seven of Scrolls
Keyword: Indecision
Meaning: Ganesha, the elephant Hindu deity presents itself in this card. She reminds you that you are stronger than you believe. You are able to be flexible when necessary and can maintain balance and harmony as long as you think with you mind, not your heart.

3A) Biggest Weakness-Four of Spirals
Meaning: You blame yourself for your past and let that flood into your future. You have a hard-time taking people at face value because when you have it has always worked against you. There is an internal struggle as yet another chance has presented itself but you are unsure which route to take.

3B) Secondary Weakness- Seven of Mirrors
Keyword: Discernment
Meaning: You have a bad habit of seeing things how you want them to be, not how they are. This leaves your heart aching and your head confused. You often feel stuck in the middle of nowhere and unsure who to turn to for help.

4) Dreams, Aspirations, and Goals- The Companion (King Of Spirals)
Traditional Name: King of Wands, King of Spirals
Attributes: Visionary, Organizer
Role: Mentor
Meaning: Music has always played a big part in your life and there is a part of you that while you're beyond happy in your current field you wish you bring music back into your life. The companion reminds you that you can achieve anything through dedication and let your job inspire you. Softly sing at work to help soothe a lonely soul.

5) Fears or Obstacles- The Sojourner (King of Mirrors)
Traditional Name- King of Cups, King of Mirrors
Attributes: Empathetic, Wise
Role: Mentor
Meaning: You fear being emotionally vulnerable and that is cross roads is ahead. You have found love in two very different forms and you're afraid to lose one or the other. The Sojourner proves to be the most insightful mentor guiding you to trust your instinct. One journey has ended while another has blossomed.

6) How To Achieve Your Dreams, Aspirations, and Goals- The Dreamer (Knight of Mirrors)
Traditional Name: Knight of Cups, Knight of Mirrors
Attributes: Confident, Passionate
Role: Messenger
Meaning: A messenger has presented itself in your life. You've had deep, meaningful conversations with them. While they may not strike you as the messenger they have left hints about your future, your passions, and where your next step in life should be.

7) How To Overcome Your Fears and Obstacles- Nine Of Scrolls
Keyword: Despair
Meaning: You have to take responsibility for your role in becoming vulnerable. You give all of your heart but forget that it is still healing. Remember that while this next chapter seems promising they are facing their own hurt and anguish. They are relying on you to ease them through it so that you may be together.

8) How To Maximize Your Strengths- Ace Of Scrolls
Keyword: Intuition
Meaning: You have to remain determined. Find what lights that fire within and keep it blazing. You are stronger than you. Reflect on your past and see what you've overcome and realize that no matter what life may throw at you, you can and will persevere through it.

9) How To Make The Best Of Your Weaknesses- Two of Stones
Keyword: Trust
Meaning: You have to believe in yourself and realize that trusting the journey although easier said than done will have the greatest pay off in the long run. You have to believe in yourself and trust that you have everything under control even though at times it doesn't feel like that.

Overall Thoughts
The Two of Stones was the only card I drew from the Stones. While this shift in your life feels overwhelming trusting your instincts will be your greatest pay off. You can love with all of your heart but until you learn to love and accept yourself, that love for others won't be as strong as you'd like. There is a lot of potential for growth so know you're on the right track. I hope this aids some of your confusion.

Bright Blessings!

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