Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So This Is 23

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been a ghost lately! Work has been crazy busy and I am trying to reignite my fire to be excited about work. Sunday my wonderful mom treated me to getting my hair done for my birthday so the bright red is gone and in comes a Violet Red. It's more visible in the sun but I am in LOVE with it. I also got a new haircut and a Brazilian Blow Out. I have naturally curly, frizzy, poofy, mess. This Blow Out helps by reducing frizz and essentially straightening out your hair. So all I do is shower, comb and it drys straight. I just need to straighten out the parts that don't dry the right way. I am loving this more grown up, adult look. This is me at 23 today! I weigh 184 pounds, down two more! I am super excited to continue to lose weight and see where I am at in November when I reach a year of trying to lose weight so I cannot wait to see how many pounds I will have lost in a year! Overall, life couldn't be better and even though there are bumps in the roads I am grateful for the past four years because it has shown me my strength. I have moments where I stumble and I am tempted to step backward but the conversation tonight really showed me that I need to see where I've come from and exactly where I don't want to go back to. I am built for this life and I need to be a shining example for my beautiful daughter. Year 23 will be my strongest year because I am making a promise to myself not to fall for the mind games, lies, and bullshit. I am determined to make it as a single mother and see where the future goes. I plan to take risks, try new things, and embrace change. I have worked so hard to be a strong person and I will not play the yo-yo cycle. Both of the beautiful women involved in this situation are struggling with this exact thing. This is a prime example of why I am going to be strong for ME. I always cave but not this time. This time I will have strength for myself. I have survived so much in the past twenty-three years. I made it through an attempted overdose, psychically abusive relationship, an emotionally abusive marriage, three miscarriages, almost losing my daughter and I in child birth, and countless moves. Miss Ally will be visiting her father for four days and I am hoping to use those days to recuperate and reignite my fire. Today is a day to celebrate another year of life, another year that I have been blessed with life. I have created more than my fair share of drama but I am maturing everyday. There will be bad days just like with anyone else but I can and will take advantage of this life. Ten days until we celebrate New Years in my household and I can already tell this is gonna be a great year. Thank you for all of the support and being followers as I coast through this crazy ride of a life. I will hopefully be visiting many blogs over the weekend. This is my year for Self-Love. I will not be falling for any games. I will embrace life and take it day by day. Just because this plan or relationship didn't work, it doesn't mean I am doomed to be alone. It's time to find the sun amongst the clouds.

I just my MIL posted an update and I haven't posted one in awhile! I haven't brought myself to only drink water but I have eliminated Sodas since the 1st and moved to tea and water with the occasional energy drink. So far I am at 203 ounces. There are still ten days and I want to try to get as much as I can in before this. This has been a fun challenge and I hope to find another to shoot for in November!


  1. Happy Birthday !!!! Yes take this weekend to renew you. You're not being selfish for it. Everyone has bad days but there is better days ahead and that is what we have to remember. I wish much happiness and joy in the coming year.


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