Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tarot Challenge Day Eleven

What is my hidden talent?

Card Name: Merlin
Traditional Name: The Hero or Fool
Attributes: New Beginnings/ Healing
Meaning: Merlin's cat draws your eye towards his mystery and magic. Cats symbolize rebirth and they are quick to take risks. They often journey into the unknown. The serpent headed staff is a symbol of his power as a healer. In this reading Merlin signifies innocence and potential. Let go of anxiety trust the journey.

My hidden talent truly is hidden. I have a lot of built up inner strength and if I would just trust myself I would see that I am capable. I need to reflect on where I started six months and where I am now. I have a bad habit of seeing where I am at and pushing further but I always push towards burn out. All Hallows Eve is upon and it's time to shed my old self and embrace this journey.

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  1. Embrace the new woman that is becoming you. :-)


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