Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tarot Challenge Day Thirteen

What is the next step I should take in my life?

Herne The Hunter
Traditional Name: The Chariot
Attributes: Focus, Assistance
Meaning; The mighty Herne leads his wild hunt through the countryside and dense forest amid the clamor of baying hounds, braying horses, and the screeching winds of a fierce winter storm. He symbolizes the dogged might of your willpower to overcome obstacles. Herne's helmet sports the majestic horns of the red stag. Lord of the Forest. Three stars of Orion's Belt above his head represent the three Celestial Personages who tend the gateway to high consciousness.

Herne's presence in your reading foretells success, and offers affirmative response to any specific query you presented to the cards.

For me this card represents everything I am going through and moving towards. Even though I may doubt my ability to handle team lead, I can do it. I can handle whatever life throws my way. I just need to remain focused and on pint. Personal relationships have to be put second and I have to stay focused.

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