Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tarot Day 14

Share your signifier card. Why is it you signifier?

Traditional Title: The Empress
Attributes: Nurturing, Abundance
Meaning: The ground we walk upon belongs to a holistic, conscious, self-regulating biosphere- a oneness we call Gaia, who sustains all life on Earth. Gaia is surrounded by the abundant beauty of her creation. She cradles a white dove, symbolic of peace, love, and divinity. A nest filled with robin eggs represents birth and renewal. In your reading, Gaia symbolizes new ideas, new beginnings, new understandings, and sometimes even a new baby. This scene is flush with symbolism; the snail cautions you to be patient, the mouse to be trustful, and the lotus flower to be pure in heart.

Gaia is one of the Chrysalis cards honoring the Great Mother. When Gaia graces your reading she reminds you to be a positive, nurturing, and loving person. By doing so, with her you will co-create your own abundance. 

This is my signifier card because I have been going through change over the last few months and every word of this card captures the next phase I am entering. I am learning that sometimes it's best to be a listener, not a problem solver. That I can be friends with those I once considered enemies. I am strong and I can handle anything that is thrown my way as long as I look at the inner light shining.

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