Sunday, November 29, 2015


I have found that I am growing up and maturing. More so than I originally I thought. I am keeping my life private and focusing on the future. I just made it through my rough check. Spent and gone as soon as I received it. The next few weeks I'll be working as many hours as I can. 

As much as I didn't want to do this I have decided to cut someone of out my life. For my own sake. She is hell bent on rubbing things in my face knowing my situation. She says this isn't so but when you send a text just to create problems that tells me everything I need to know.

I am feeling lost. Jumbled. I had such an amazing night last night that today shouldn't leave me feeling like this but it does.


  1. Youre still trying to heal and people pulling shit like that just to get under someones skin just proves how immature they are, how unhappy they are personally so your growth is a threat to them. Hold your head high lady and tell them to kisd your ass.

  2. You don't need someone in your life like that anyway. And from the time I started reading your blog until now you are like a different person, you have grown so much. Good for you! You are one tough lady!! <3


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