Friday, November 27, 2015

My Two Cents

I have kept very quiet for the most part about this situation going on. I have tried to stay out of everyone's drama but I am really tired it. Especially now that I am being accused of saying things I haven't said. So I am breaking my silence and saying everything that needs to be said in this one post then leaving it all alone.

First off, if you want to threaten to press charges against me at least have solid proof. I have done nothing but befriend you and try to be there for you. If you feel it necessary to threaten drastic measures because there are holes in the story you're weaving in order to get sympathy and sorrow from people then be my guest.

I was in a relationship with my husband since October 17 2010. We dated for a year before being engaged on the weekend of my 18th birthday. I've been in a relationship with him up until May of this year. Even when we split I was still committed to our marriage. No, I'm not innocent and I've made mistakes but very few. For the majority of our relationship I was there with him. I have only been with my husband in this five years we've talked, dated. We were off and on for five years prior to committing to each other.

This is what commitment looks like. Anytime he wanted his family back we came back home to him. Every time. It isn't easy marrying young but you have to fight and yes there are a lot of dark places in that marriage.

I didn't know about the women he was talking to or living with behind my back. I didn't know people came up pregnant. I just knew I wanted to be with my husband and only with him. So when it's posted that you've been with him on and off for 7 years that upsets me because you're still not acknowledging the fact that was indeed a married man.

You claim to say you know what I feel like but you don't. You don't have an ounce of understanding of how I feel. I am not going to blast the things that have happened but please walk a mile in my shoes and then beg for understanding and kindness.

As for the other woman now involved in this mess. You may not have known everything involved in this situation but you knew he was married. Claiming you didn't is a lie because you were here when I found out I was pregnant and we were engaged at time so you still pursued a married man even if it only began as friendship. Again, I won't drag out details but I will make that clear.

Putting words into my mouth and running to people claiming I'm upset is really beginning to piss me off. I have said nothing about being angry towards my MIL. My MIL and I have a long relationship back to when I was thirteen and I was having to text her phone to get through to my husband. It may be a rocky relationship but we've worked at it.

I will own up and say that in the past I have said horrible things to both women involved and I did assume that one of these women would keep us from seeing their daughter because that seems to be the only thing she knows how to do is hold her daughter over people's heads.

It takes two to make a relationship happen. If I made my ex as miserable as he says he was then that is our fault. But I never sent him into the arms of another women. Moral of the story? One woman was a distraction, I was a regret, and he's found the one he wants. I just wanted his happiness and had I known he was talking to the one he's with now behind my back I would've walked away sooner.

So if your sole mission is start shit and to try ruin my life when I am not a threat to you and I live an hour away then by all means be my guest. But don't threaten me with filing a restraining order just because your life suddenly became miserable. I feel no sympathy because I told you when I discovered the affair that soon enough you'd be miserable and it'd be deserved for ruining my marriage and family.

You want to a petty high schooler and keep causing drama be my guest but leave my name out of it.

I have had my own health problems and lately my time has been spent with Ally. I have discovered I am not ready for a relationship because I still care deeply for my ex. It will be awhile before I feel fully ready to take that step so for now I will be slowly working myself back into my book reviews, getting my cross stitch bug back, and spending my moments with Ally.

I am currently seeking a new job but making the one I have work for now. I am very much caught up in my own emotions and trying to take life one step at a time. I am drained from the drama I've been pulled into and I am trying to keep myself out of it.

My time is better spent with my daughter. She is my main focus and watching her grow and change everyday has been a gift. I see so much promise in the future in her eyes. So here's to the future. I've said all that needs to be said. I won't be saying anymore on this topic. More posts to come!

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  1. Glad to see a new post from you! You are so strong sounding in this post. Good for you girl!! And sorry your new relationship didn't work out but good for you for giving it a go! And sorry you have to go through all this, it must be so hard to put all this behind you when you keep being dragged back into all the drama. :(


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