Saturday, December 19, 2015


I am going to give myself a much needed peace of mind. I have blocked all of them on as many forms of Social Media as I can. I am no longer going to keep looking backwards but instead moving forward once and for all. I am not going to post my future plans but instead be happy that there is a future for Ally that is of love. Not many women but instead one single mother working her ass off to give her daughter the world.

Here's to moving forward and this blog returning to its original state of happiness and positivity. No more drama for this momma. I see all three of you for the lying, manipulative people you are. I have done my share of contributing to the drama but no longer. This time I am going to drag myself away and stay that way. I should have never given multiple chances where they weren't deserved.

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  1. Good for you girl!! Don't let them drag you down. And remember, smile, it will make people wonder what you are up to. :)


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