Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Final Decisions

I have been doing a lot of thinking hence my lapse in blogging. The end of year is around the corner and before we know it we'll be entering 2016. This is both scary and exciting. I can't wait to see where the new year will take me as I have a lot of negativity to leave behind in 2015.

I have also been under the weather catching the crud going around. I am still reading and reviewing, just been slow due to all the sleeping I've done.

I have made final decisions regarding the two women involved in my ex's mess. At one point I wanted a civil relationship with these ladies but I know deep down there will always be resentment towards them. My husband needs to know how his daughter is doing and I will not be held responsible for blocking him from doing so.

I truly believe he is trying to get his head on straight and I admire him for that. I am proud of him for trying to get this job and get his life together. 

This blog isn't used to communicate with either of you. As I've stated, this blog is for me. It is my way of coping with my depression because I have to have an outlet.

Even though it's been seven months I am still adjusting to being a single mother. I am still adjusting to the roles of both mom and dad. It has been a trying few months. I haven't tried to be bitter or in the least bit revengeful. I have though tried to be friends.

I have decided for my health to cut both of these women out of my life. If they choose to follow my blog for updates on Ally that is their business but I will not have my daughter or I involved in this mess. My daughter is already very much attached to her sister and that relationship is strained.

My MIL and I already talked and agreed that when finances ease up Ally will be visiting more often but until then we'll be doing what we can.
This isn't me being bipolar, psycho, or whatever derogatory name you can come up with. This is me taking care of my daughter and I. And toxic relationships aren't the key. So best of luck to both you ladies but it's time I start protecting my heart as well as Ally's.


  1. You have to do what you feel is right.

  2. Good for you! You can never go forward with your past clinging to your skirt trying to drag you back down in the muck. So proud of both you and your 'little model'. :)


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