Sunday, December 13, 2015

Strength In Review

In just 18 days we will be entering the New Year. At the beginning of the year I chose the word Strength as my guiding word. I chose a word that I felt like was my most needed to be worked on. Later on today Ally will coming home and I am excited because I have missed her but I did need the time to myself. I have taken time to look back at this blog and it has witnessed a lot of pain, heartache. But it has also witnessed happiness and moments of true joy. I have also realized looking back some thing haven't changed. My journey is far from over but some things have been better. I am feeling confident and beautiful. I am find MY worth. I am fully feeling strong about leaving my husband. It has been a tough road but we are putting the drama from the two women to the side and focusing on what made us strong. We are co-parenting and leaving the drama alone. It has strengthened our friendship and made us both realize what was important. No matter our relationship we remained friends. I have worked hard on losing weight and hitting major milestones. There will be a much needed weigh-in after the holidays in my first of the year review.

I have learned that Kristina and Brittany both feed off the drama. It has never ceased since I've known these women. They have both been pining for J's love like needy people. Both tagging him and commenting on things playing the victim card. I tried befriending both of them but I have decided once and for all that removing them my life is ultimately the best option. Neither of them think of anyone but themselves. They are both so eager to reach in J's pocket and hope for a future. In the great debate of never leaving J's side or stopping from supporting him I beat both. I have been here at the drop of a hat and we've agreed on that.

Both of the women are convinced he's with them over another. That is there business and I could care less. I am just tired of seeing it slammed over Facebook so I've blocked both women promptly. I am simplifying my life and getting back to what matters.

See, I finally got smart and took my own advice. I have kept my relationship with J private. I have kept our parenting efforts between us. I don't call or text him about Ally unless we are both alone. I can tell from talking to him that he is burnt out because neither woman respects him.

Yes, he has done his far share of trouble and misgivings but he has been trying to make an effort to change. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and supporting him in his efforts. I am incredibly proud of him for trying. It won't happen overnight but it will happen.

By feeding into their drama I have only hurt myself. I have let their opinions and lies hurt my future. I am the only one that can make me happy. Some my goals looking towards the future are to focus on my priorities. My weight loss, blogging, Cross Stitching, and book reviewing are just some of them. I am very excited about the future because I know the next year can only get better than this year.

This blog will go back to what it has always been. An unfiltered look at my life. This is how I cope with the days both good and bad. This is how I move forward. If you are here to support me, awesome. If you are here to put me down then move along.

This isn't your place to stalk and hope you can come across something on Ally. There are a variety of topics posted here.

Thank you to all my new friends and family in 2015, let's make 2016 even better!


  1. You are doing great a job with every thing I think. Ally will benefit so much from you and her dad staying friends and working together! Looking forward to seeing some cross stitching in the new year! :)

  2. I'm so proud of you and happy for you! Hang in there, thing will only get better. And thank you for letting me follow along on your journey. Good luck in the new year! I too am looking forward to getting past this current situation. (Husbands medical issues to be exact.) And getting my life back on track.

  3. I think this is a wonderful word to use for the new year.


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