Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Word of The Year & Planner

This word kind of just came to and stuck. Strength was a strong word for me last year and I think this year Commitment is the best word for me. It will help push me to accomplish all of the goals I have set out for myself. Whether it be my reading, my weight-loss, or my cross stitching.

I made a commitment and I need to follow through with it. I constantly want to do many things but quit early on. Not this time. This time I am focused and determined to make it.

This is the beautiful planner I bought today. It has a a calendar layout and then each day broken into a section. I have it color coded with my SALS, weigh-in, days exercised, and days without soda so far.


  1. That is a great word for the year and I love the quote at the top. And I love your planner, very pretty!

  2. This is great, you can do it lady! And commitment is a wonderful word to have for the year.

  3. Beautiful planner! Having one you like makes it easier to use LOL.

    Wonderful word for this year. Just remember we are here to cheer you on.


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