Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I can't even begin to think about where to start. By some magic I was about to be off work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am ecstatic because this gives me a much needed mini vacation to get some girl time in with Ally but I also dislike having it because now I have to work from Thursday to who knows when without a day off. I like my two days off spread out because usually they turn into one day off or no day off at all. I have come to need the time with Ally. We had a lazy day on Monday. Mostly cartoons and playing with toys. Yesterday we rented Hotel Transylvania Two and Goosebumps. We bought a ton of junk food and just relaxed. We cleaned up house and got started in on laundry. I despise laundry. It is the worst. If I could just wave my hand and it all be clean I'd be happy. My princess has way more than I do and it takes forever to get it all washed and sorted. I am hoping everything pans out and she is able to go with her father for the weekend. My step-daughter's FIRST birthday is Thursday and I know that Ally would be stoked to get some sister time in. After my little melt-down I have decided to be the bigger person for Allisun. I am going to be supportive of her relationship with her sister regardless of the situation between her mother & I. I didn't get Izzy a gift because I didn't think it to be the best idea. I haven't visited with her in almost 9 months. Strangely I am okay with this. From pictures she is a beautiful happy little girl.

As many of you guys know I run Nichols Reviews. I submitted an application to be put on the Book Blogger List fully knowing they could deny me. They have a strict application process and it takes awhile for them to respond. I received my response in less than a week. The application is easy peasy to fill out, the waiting is the rough part. Here is the link featuring the page I am on Book Blogger List. My reviewing has taken off and I've accomplished a lot of reading in the last few days. I already have 21 reviews just for January!

Weight loss wise I had a fall back but opening up to the online community has given me a huge relief. This weight I have been carrying that few knew about suddenly feels a lot light and easier to bear. If you'd like to read about that please head on over to Forgetting The Pounds and read all about it. Once I have opened up and admitted that I do struggle with emotional eating it has helped me in ways I couldn't imagine. Now, I can see this set back, acknowledge it, and move forward.

If the weather will allow Ally & I plan to head to the park today after we finish our decluttering. Life has been moving forward and while there will always be bad days, the good is starting to outweigh them. I have dropped a lot of people that have only added negativity to my drama and that has helped immensely.

Ally's birthday is next month and it's becoming a week long extravaganza. There is a trip to the aquarium, zoo, possible mommy & me photos, and a nail salon day planned for her. Part of the excess is because of everyone's schedules and this is the first year that her father won't be here. This isn't because I am choosing to exclude him, it's just hard to find free time with him lately and coordinate everyone's schedules. So we decided to each his own this year.

I use to post everything going on in life. I have realized that there are a lot of snoops on this blog just trying to see what I have going on so they can cause problems. Things have been much smoother between my husband and I since I stopped blogging about him. Occasionally things are misconstrued but overall it has been a lot smoother.

Co-parenting and communication have been key and it has been a blessing to find my silence and text him instead. We have become close friends lately and it almost feels like it was when we first met each other. I am glad to have my best friend back.


  1. Good for you. I am gad you are finding your footing and congrats on the reviews done that is great. Sounds like a good day planned and I am sure Ally will love her bday next month.

  2. Congrats on being accepted on the Book Blogger List! That is exciting! And your girl days with Ally sound like so much fun! While boys are awesome I just can't talk them into getting their nails done with me :)

    1. Lol I can't imagine having a son. I am sure there are perks there as well though.

  3. Sounds like a great mini vacation! Congratulations on the book blogger list... 21 in a month sounds like a lot.

    Keep staying positive.


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