Sunday, January 10, 2016

Check In & Journal Haul

I am trying to get better about posting frequently but lately I have been caught up in my book reviewing. You can check that out over at Nichols Reviews. Overall, life has been a lot better. I am still working on my depression but my friends at work have been really supportive. I have been told I'll be kidnapped if I don't work Wednesday so I am not alone. It is very bittersweet and puts everything into focus. Wednesday would have been four years for Joey and I. Four years of marriage and it's come down to a divorce. I am at peace for the most part with this decision though. Instead of dwelling I have immersed myself in time with Ally, getting my fitness on which you can check out over at Forgetting The Pounds. I am not getting my hopes up but Team Lead has been brought to my attention at work again so we'll see where it goes this time. Overall, I am adjusting to the single mom life. As for the future, I have a roommate in mind. Getting a car soon. I am trying to get everything in motion before Ally starts school in August. I am taking life day by day with a positive mindset. I am not going to allow Wednesday to break me. It will be a rough day but as my mom just texted me, "Stop dwelling!! This is not something to be sad about!! New Chapter remember!!"

This a beautiful journal. It is fabric bound and I love that it is wide. I am using this one for my 5 year journal. I love the idea of it and I think it'll be nice to reflect on where I started and where I end up.

This is my personal journal for my thoughts and my book reviews.

This is what I am most excited about. I am getting into the coloring book craze. I have always loved to color and found it a stress relief but this book is unique. It is Inspirational Good Vibrations coloring book.

When you open it up on the left hand side is a journal prompt. I love these because they are positive and also make you think.

Then the right side has a coloring page. I really love how this is set up and think it will really help me out.

I also bought this awesome Fitness Planner that you can see over at Forgetting The Pounds.


  1. I love these journals so pretty and the coloring book is so cool. And your mom is right !!!! Hugs sweetie

  2. I love the inspirational coloring book!! So nice! Also I love your mom's text, "New Chapter" is right! <3

  3. Great post! So positive and wow... The new journals are awesome. Love your coloring book.

    Have a wonderful week. You deserve it!


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