Friday, January 22, 2016


It has been brought to my attention that I am selling out my ex. It is extremely difficult to sell someone out that you have no reason to. Well, I have plenty reason but none that would be worth giving over to the other two women. Whatever my ex talks or does with Ally and I is between us. It is a point I feel like I have to make clear over and over because the two children don't seem to get the point. I will always be apart of J's life because of our daughter. I update him on Ally and her health. What we talk about is between us. I follow K's health blog just as I follow many blogs. For inspiration, guidance, and tips that may aide my own journey. She gave me the link of her own free will. B gave me links to her blogs so I can keep up with the health of my step-child to be and her journey. I didn't sell anyone out. If both of you are that worried that he will read something that you don't want him to then don't PUBLICLY blog about it. I will never censor my blog posts because my blog is just that, my blog. Whatever war is raging between you, is between you. I've already dealt with baby momma drama and I am not interested in it whatsoever. So please stop running to him and him asking me what's going on because frankly I don't care about what you two are doing with him or without him. That is your own tragic mess.

I am living life for my daughter. It has been rocky adjusting to be a single mother but I have awesome blogging, work, family, and friends to help me push through and come out stronger. I have been on my own for eight months, almost nine. I am slowly adjusting to this life and the fact that I will not be returning to my marriage. Thank you kindly.


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