Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Final Decisions

After taking time to calm down and spending the day thinking I have made some final decisions. My soon to be ex-husband is still resorting to empty threats to scare me. It doesn't in the least anymore because I have broken the cycle of emotional abuse. He is free to do that to someone else now.

He has been lying to me and is in fact carrying on a relationship with the very woman that contributed to the destruction of our marriage. He is helping to support his child with this woman which is fantastic for them.

I am done playing the games and just so it is heard from the horse's mouth. We are sticking strictly to the custody agreement. If he has chosen not to read it that is his own fault. I will not be bending anymore for the sake of Ally. With that being said, I am NOT keeping her from seeing her Papa, Uncle, and Gma.

He needs to understand that a child is more than being spoiled and having someone spend money on them. He blames this on me and my "bullshit" job but at least I have been working and supported her throughout the three almost four years of her life.

For my own health and well-being I have decided to stop putting all the effort in what is a one way co-parenting trip. I am ceasing contact other than what is required per the Child Support order.

I hate that things are coming this way but I will not stand for being put down and treated poorly so for Ally and I both to have consistency and the ability to have a positive life we will be moving on with our lives. I am NOT saying that you aren't allowed to see your daughter but I will not be bending over backwards to help you especially when I find out that you have been lying about your relationship which does concern me because this is someone I will never feel comfortable with being around my daughter.

This will be the only post made on this subject. I wanted to clarify a few things and will now remain silent on this matter.

With that being said today has been a great day. Some much needed cleaning and re-organizing has been done and I have come to some choices about the future. Looking forward to the future and all the possibilities that this year will bring. 

Bright Blessings Everyone!

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