Monday, January 4, 2016


While I am not one for New Years Resolutions, I am one for challenges. I love to see how far I can progress so I have already started a few challenges for the key areas I want to focus on this year: Health, Reading & Reviewing, and cross stitching. After months of trying I also realized that while I am not great at organization it is something I need. I need to be organized and to do that it will make my life easier. So I am splitting my blogs and keeping them split once and for all. This way if any of my followers would rather just follow one aspect of my journey you are more than welcome to. This blog will remain for my day to day life and journey. Right now, my Tarot is on hold because I am not feeling the connection with my cards so that is a back burner right now. This will be the year that I step up my game and get my self in gear. I am determined to get rid of the negativity and bring in the positivity. I want to rid myself of anything that has been dragging me down. I also want to get better about tracking appointments as later this year Ally will be starting school. I want to get us on the straight and narrow doctor & dentist wise. I am super excited because this year brings about a lot of positive changes.

I know I keep saying that I am done with my husband but then I allow him into my life. I have allowed him to see Ally & I. Visit us and be apart of our unit. I don't know what he is doing but I do know he is running to his safety net so I am going to slowly disconnect myself. In order for me to remain positive I have to stay positive in mind, body, and soul. I can't let anyone ruffle my feathers or allow jealousy into my life. I am going to support people on their journey and work towards not uttering anything negative. Hopefully by the end of this month or the beginning of next month we'll be divorced.

Cross Stitch: Time To Stitch
Reading & Reviewing: Nichols Reviews


  1. Organization is why I have went Planner crazy and now I would be lost without my planner especially with my reviewing it helps a lot. I just got a walmart one. Sometimes to keep your head straight you have to separate things. I totally understand it with the tarot cause this is where I am at too.

  2. Good luck finding what works for you. Definitely get a planner. It doesn't have to be expensive (the one I'm currently using came from the dollar store).


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