Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Peanut is....

As many of you know I am soon to be a step-momma again. I am trying to maintain contact with peanut's mother so maybe we can have a better shot that what my step-daughters mom and I have. Peanut is very healthy and moving a lot. She is currently 14 weeks along and even though it's early we know what Peanut to be is...

It's a BOY. This is all my husband has ever wanted so I have no clue how much the future is fixing to change but I will do my best to push forward and keep my heart free of bitterness. Welcome Damian Michael Price! It's gonna be a long road but I have a feeling this is going to be where my husband changes his tune and gets his life together. I am so excited to be a step-momma again and I can only hope to meet Damian and be apart of his life. :)


  1. You know that I want you to be a part of Damian's life. I hope to keep things as smooth as they have been so he has his whole family. Not just a piece of it.

  2. I am very happy for them both and I am glad the baby is healthy and doing ok and that she is too as well as can be expected but we all know pregnancy can be hard at times on the body. I hope things keep going good for her.


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