Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rough Day

Just to clarify, no one told me that sleepovers were happening again or you were moving in. Whichever is happening. So it's not that I "can't take a hint" but that J is not being honest about the nature of his relationship with you. I am not getting dragged into this again though. I just ask that you remain respectful while my daughter is visiting.

Today makes four year of marriage. Even though it's been a fractured marriage for a long time it is still four years that we have been together. I never imagined that life would end up here but it is for the best. So today I do my best to be rid of a bitter heart and move forward with an open mind. I just want you to know that even though you chose a life with Kristina or Brittany, I still tried to be by your side. I still tried to fight for us. I wish you the best in life and with whomever you end up with. Happy Four Years my love.


  1. No one is moving in my house. The only one who moved back was Shane, lol. Hang in there lady things will get better and easier it just takes time.


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